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Welcome to the Bethany Mota Wiki!

Welcome! This wiki is all about the one and only, Bethany Mota. Also known as MacBarbie07, this 18 year old is a Youtuber, designer, and traveller. With over 6 million subscribers, this beauty guru is ready to take on the world!

Keep Motavating!

Do's and Don'ts

- Please, do not give out personal information. (Address, phone number, full name, etc.) 

- Don't hate. If you can't do this, don't say anything at all.

- No profanity or inapropriate content.

- No trolling or spamming.

- Be mindful of your actions.

Chat Rules

- No cussing or inapropriate words.

- Spam is not tolerated and will most likely lead to being banned.

- Please be kind to everyone.


How long have you been watching Bethany?

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Founder: 123LoveLost

Admins: Music_MotaMist on DC

Chat Mods:  TeamFinnickOdair, ElegantlyArtFromDC, OfficialJindoo

We work hard to make this community a safe, fun, and cooperative place to be in.

            If there is an important problem, please contact us, the staff,

      as we will do our best to make sure that the problem is solved as soon as possible.

Click here to view the Staff Code of Conduct.

Stay in Touch with Bethany!

Her Twitter page

Her Facebook page

Her Youtube channel

Her vlog channel

Her Instagram page

Her Google+ page

Her clothing line at Aeropostale

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